Dotter Strategy Design Consultant, with the emphasis on the full-scaled brand innovation, offers a full range of service in terms of strategic consulting, strategy execution, creative design, and marketing promotion. Its business covers such fields as brand consulting, brand positioning, logo VI design, design of commercial space, packaging design, design of environment-guiding system, website design and operation, video planning and shooting, social media operation, digital media communication, event operation and promotion, and so on.

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The fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the world

As the world’s fifth largest tyre manufacturer,

Pirelli Tyre is one of the most famous tyre companies in the world today.


    Leideng Tyre help you run rapidly

    As the only operating brand of Shandong DURATTI Rubber currently,

    Leideng Tyre provides the global clients with high-quality and competitive products based on the market.


    Contribute to society with outstanding quality

    40-year quality accumulation creates

    the most influential national brand in China's tyre industry.

  • General Science Technology
    General Science Technology

    Dominate the world with high quality

    It owns many famous brands such as Swift Horse and Red Hare.

    It is the leading company in China's all-steel radial truck tyre replacement market.

  • Ruitu Tyre
    Ruitu Tyre

    Ruitu Tyre help you run without obstruction

    High-quality tyres serve the global market,

    and protect users with the advanced technology.

  • Colah

    An expert in infant and child health products from Australia

    With natural animal and plant nutrition extraction,

    Colah is committed to building natural green high-quality nutritious foods for infants and children.


    HAOHUA tyres are manufactured elaborately and intelligently

    With innovation as the driving force and market oriented,

    HAOHUA is committed to providing the tyre products and services with higher quality.

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