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Project background

Colah brand originated in Australia and its famous infant and child brand is the infant and child health care brand launched earlier in the world. Colah has 4 series and more than 50 infant and child series products, and the products have been sold to Europe, America and more than 30 developed countries and regions. Colah has become the leader in the international infant and child nutrient market.

Colah brand was introduced in mainland China for sales in 2009. Colah has provided a comprehensive range of maternal and child health products with strict product management and “safe, green and natural” products, and cultivated a smart and healthy future for China together with every family in China.

Challenge faced

There are many types of infant and baby health products on the market, the product positioning tends to be homogenous and the packaging design is similar. Colah needs a clearer product system planning and a more novel and unique packaging image to draw

Brand management

In the process of cooperation, Dotter and Colah have jointly explored the product attributes, combed the product system and brand connotation, and built a targeted cartoon image and a visual sign by combining the cognition and interests of applicable p